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February 7, 2013

Bob Mfeka

Bob Mfeka was born at Inanda. He was really helpful man both at church and in the community of Inanda where he was born. He attended United Congregational Church of South Africa (UCCSA) where his passion for community started. Bob Mfekas love for people passed the borders of his church to the community of Inanda and the surroundings whereby he motivated the youth and gave advice to the people who needed advice. Bob was gifted in technology. He was helpful both at church and in the community for his expertise in the use of audio visual equipment where he helped in documenting and recording church and community events.

Bob  never chose which person to help or not. He helped everybody who needed his help.  Bob died while helping a neighbor who came knocking to his house at midnight suffering from labor pains. Bob rushed the neighbor to the hospital. On his way back home Bob was run over by a car and he died in the scene while crossing the hospital road going back to his car.

Source: Interview by Xolani Magwaza with Mrs Mthalane on 2 January 2013

Listen to the recording in isiZulu: Bob Mfeka

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February 6, 2013

Arras Goba

Arras Goba was an Architect. He studied at Adams College. He builds people’s houses, schools (eZimpondweni and Thafamas) and hospitals such as McCord Zulu Hospital. However his big job was working for the Inanda mission. Arras was a mission builder. Arras built many of United Congregational Church of South Africa ( UCCSA) church buildings around KwaZulu Natal, in areas such as eMpaphala. He did not only just build houses but he also inspired other African people to be architects such as Helda Mthembu and David Mbili who became his co-builders. He built houses for Inanda famous people such as Rogers Engcobo, James Mbili and Phinias Ndlovu.

According to his son David Goba, his father was a strict man. However they had moments that they cherished as a family about him that they will never forget. He loved the bicycle. Arras rodes the bicycle when he was going to work. Afternoon he will hoot on his way back home calling his children so that he can lift them and they really enjoyed it.

Source: An interview by Xolani Magwaza with Mr David Goba on 15 January 2013

Listen to the recording in isiZulu: Arras Goba

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