April 20, 2015

Take A Step Foundation (Inanda Newtown)

IMG_127294966505622A Step Foundation is a NPO based at Inanda Newtown founded by myself (Sazi Mntungwa) in May 2014 to break the cycle of poverty and promote academic practice to children and youth at a very young age as they are the  hope for future generations.

Most of these children are between the ages of 5 to 17 years. They attend schools from this area of Inanda Newtown.They live in an informal settlement called  “White City”. The majority of theses children are raised by grandparents and if fortunate to have surviving parents, the majority of them are unemployed and others are also alcoholics and this results in the lack of child supervision which escalates to children being vulnerable and exposed to drug and alcohol abuse and teenage pregnancy. Children who mostly successfully complete their matric are employed as taxi conductors by luck they get employed at restaurants, as security guards and general workers.

There is no drive to success in skill developing for the youth of this area, they are also content with what they have.There is no mentor to give them an incite of knowledge for a better future.

Take A Step Foundation’s vision is to break that cycle of poverty and build self-esteem to these children at a very tender age.The mission is to help these children through TASF to reach their destiny by creating academics and career men and women who will take the baton back to their communities and uplift upcoming generation.

Currently the NPO is under registration processes and relies on word of mouth for sponsorship and donation for food and clothing to those children to be reached. Our sessions and feedings are currently every Friday from 4pm-6pm. In the future I would love to embark on it on a daily basis. During these gatherings, I work with a voluntarily team from the foundation, a professional teacher, a public outreach motivator and myself as a police officer whereby we teach moral re-generational programmes, biblical studies and grooming teachings. I don’t encourage them to say they merely come for food but I tell them that food is part of our project  because we have long sessions and feeding is the final part of our meeting.

I currently have 70 children who come home every Friday afternoon  whereby we serve cooked meals to them. My long term vision is to establish a full-time kitchen, a wifi spot,computer and library facilities, a homework centre and introduce sport programmes to them to eradicate the thoughts of the poor mindset that has been sowed to these children by this community.

Sazi Mntungwa
Ceo- Take A Step Foundation

I can be reached on:
email: sazi.mntungwa@gmail.com

20 April 2015