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November 15, 2013

Memories of Inanda – Florence Fikile Luvuno

Mrs Florence Fikile Luvuno has been living in Inanda since the 1950s. She was interviewed by Mbali Ncanana with the assistance of Nkanyiso Dlamini on 2 October 2013.

Mrs Luvuno is one of the very few elderly women who still resides in the community and has been living in Inanda since the 1950’s.In the interview she speaks of the type of challenging conditions they were living under, from the times of the apartheid government, up until the year 2004, which was the period in which Inanda finally became a conflict free zone.

In the beginning of the interview, Mrs Luvuno talks about the kind of environment and relationships that the Indian and the black community had while living together in Inanda, prior to the conflicts. She shares of her own personal difficulties that she was faced with, while these conflicts were at an up roar. She also speaks of how the political conflicts affected her personally and her surrounding neighbors and the sacrifices she made in order to protect her family. There is also an interesting mention of some people who played heroic roles to assist the community, including John Dube’s wife, Lulu Dube.

Mrs Luvuno has a very sharp memory because she even remembers the dates at which these incidents occurred and the names of the people who were implicated. This whole experience was greatly humbling, it makes one realize the great power of memory and the importance of safeguarding oral history and how we as a current generation take it for granted.

Summary by Mbali Ncanana.

Check out the full transcript and sound recording on the Zulu page.





October 4, 2012

History & Memories

This section records and weaves together the stories of eNanda, its core heritage sites and the leaders associated with them. It is not so much about historical facts, many of which are already known and published elsewhere. First and foremost, this site collects raw material, original voices, and memories of individuals from eNanda and elsewhere. Memories can be vague, fragmented or distorted, but all memories are worth sharing, because they are all valuable pieces of a puzzle and may prompt others to talk about and remember the past.