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November 29, 2012

Shiney Bright – tourist guide

Shiney Bright is a tourist guide, specialized in literary tourism. She talks about how she became a guide and what she values about guiding in eNanda.

Or listen to the audio clip: Shiney Bright

Summary: Shiney is a highly knowledgeable lady with a British background who has an extraordinary insight into the history and politics of Inanda. She reminisces as far back as 1996 where she expresses her thoughts of her first visit to Inanda. Post 1996 there was a rise in visitors to South Africa and due to her ability to speak a variety of languages,  she became a tour guide. She speaks about how she acquired her vast understanding of African culture; she attributes this to her so called “Profs of African Culture” who stayed with her and taught her everything she knows. She speaks very highly of the “amazing visionaries”, sites along the heritage route and its diversity and unique religious beliefs. She states that there are no fancy buildings in Inanda but the people of Inanda make the place special. (Summary by Arisha Govender)

September 14, 2012

Inanda Tourism

Tourists can learn about authentic cultural experiences that might not currently be advertised and find guides who might take them to such places. The site will give local people with special cultural knowledge a platform to showcase their skills and market their services. Tourists are encouraged to share their experiences of eNanda and help local service providers improve and discover new opportunities for products and services.

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