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April 25, 2014

Community organizations along the Woza eNanda Walking Trail

The Woza eNanda Walking Trail is an initiative by Durban Green Corridor and partners. It aims to bring visitors and tourists to Inanda and create opportunities for them to meet local people. There are many small non-governmental organizations and self-help schemes in Inanda which are dedicated to assisting the community. The NGOs below all welcome you to visit (usually upon prior arrangement). Get some insight into the daily life and challenges faced by the community and experience how people help themselves and each other. Some of these organizations would also be grateful for donations, such as second hand children’s clothes or toys.

IMG-20140417-00108 IMG-20140417-00109Bhekameva Crèche & Pre School

Contact person: Miss Ntombizethu Evidence Langa

Street address: Lot 366, Ohlange 4309

Contact number: 073 5762509

“Bhekameva crèche was established in 02 August 2010 by Ntombizethu Evidence Langa. I decided to open the crèche because there were too many children staying on roads when parents are at work and their siblings are at school, this gave me the advantage of opening a crèche to take care of these young individuals so they can also learn and be protected. We develop children holistically, physically, emotionally socially and spiritually. We ensure the protection of children and ensure that the kids are well stimulated. We feed them with nutritious food and arrange their medical if so necessary.

We would like help for educational resources, blankets, mattresses and food for the kids. I sometimes use the community Hall. I have a site but I don’t have building material; if

anyone can help they are welcomed to do so.

Visitors are welcome. No booking is needed. Normal times are from 08:00-13:00 (Monday Friday). Thursday is a sports day so we can use the whole day. We can also do performances of rhymes, Zulu dance and songs.” Ntombizethu Evidence Langa

Siyathuthuka Creche and Pre-School

Contact person: Lillian P Mokoatle

Street address: Site no.1 Ghandi Settlement Bhambayi Inanda, P.O Box 68295 Inanda 4309

Contact number: 031 5191919; 076 714 1063

“The crèche and pre-school is catering for the kids aged 03 months – 06 years. Working hours is from 06:30-16:00 pm. We are linking with Kastura Ghandi primary school; we are offering 2 meals per each learner i.e. breakfast, lunch, activities.The crèche and pre-school was re-opened in 1998 after it was closed during the political violence of the mid 90s. It was under the leadership of Miss T. Zuma. Under the leadership of Lillian, it has been operating for the past 16 years.it started with 12 children of but now it’s catering for 265 children and 11 members of staff 1 security, 1 garden as well as volunteers. We would like to receive donations of educational toys, outdoor and sports equipment, clothing’s and blankets there are children who come from disadvantage families.

Visitors are welcome. Bookings are not necessary; the visitors can come at any time, but from 10-12 would be best. 20-30 people can visit at a time. Visitors can look how the kids can be stimulated. Visitors can watch grade R kids performing traditional dances, singing songs from the crèche, grade R talking about their dreams. Visitors can also depart from the crèche to Ghandi settlement which is 300m away.” Lillian P Mokoatle

 IMG-20140407-WA000 IMG-20140417-WA000 IMG-20140417-WA001








Sukuma Uzenzele Poverty Alleviation Organization

Contact person: Nkosinathi Maphumulo

Street address: Ohlange Phase 3 A Nu-Road, L364 Inanda 4310


Phone: 031 5190864

Fax: 031 5191026

Cell: 082 8392736

Email: info@sukumuzenzele.org.za

“Sukuma Uzenzele provides an after school care project, where supper is provided to orphans and vulnerable children around Ohlange aged from 5 years to 18 year. The organization also

offers career guidance to school leavers. We teach them life skills and provide guidance at the young age. There is also a vegetable garden that we also get food from. The kids are given a chance to plant vegetable and be thought of the importance of planting. Sukuma Uzenzele was formed in 2002, but registered in 2003. The founders were encouraged by illiteracy, unemployment rate, and the wide spread of contagious diseases. It was established by the founding committee of five members, two of them are still serving in the committee.

We do accept donations of any kind on behalf of our beneficiaries. It can be food, blankets for the disadvantage kids.

Visitors are welcome; most preferable time is when there are clients and beneficiaries of the project. Visitors should make prior booking; it should be between 14:00-15:00 pm, from Monday to Friday. Dress code is casual. The art group from the component can entertain them with traditional dances and different art forms, poetry and music.” Nkosinathi Maphumulo


IMG-20140417-00115 IMG-20140417-00116 IMG-20140417-00118 IMG-20140417-00119


Arise and Shine

Street address: 1405 Ohlange Township, Westham Drive, Inanda 4310

Contact person: Ms Patience Posile/ Mr Mpisi


Phone: 031 519 0301

Cell: 0732593191



Arise & Shine is a home-based care & first Aid centre, reading club & community literacy project; feeding scheme; and income generating project, i.e. through gardening. It was established in 2007 and was registered in 21 November 2008. We create communities by bringing hope to people; we heal the heart and feed the mind, spirit and body with the following principles in mind:

-HIV/AIDS infected and affected community – we provide for their physical and spiritual needs

-Orphans & the vulnerable infected with HIV/AIDS – we uplift their standard of living thus preventing diseases; we develop poor and disadvantaged people to become self-reliant

-we further take responsibility for providing and creating employment and skills training to the communities.

This project is committed in providing food for the needy people and the deprived of Inanda.

At the present this project provides food for the underprivileged children who are attending in our neighbouring schools; they come on a daily basis to collect their lunch boxes within the centre whereby we serve them with soft porridge.

We also prepare cooked and nutritious meals to serve the people who are on ARV’s on a weekly basis; some of these people are suffering from malnutrition.

IMG-20140417-00092 Hosting visitors or tourist?

Yes. They can email to make bookings prior to the visit and await confirmation; a maximum of 10-15 visitors will be allowed on one visit. They will get the opportunity to meet Mandy and the wonderful kids that we look after. They will experience the spirit of UMZANSI through the performances done by our Arise and Shine kids.


Yes, any donation that will help boost the children’s upbringing will be highly appreciated, whether it would be any kind of toys, educational material, food, clothing and used furniture etc. We are not particularly fussy but we would appreciate any donation that will help assist in making sure that our children have a better childhood and best upbringing. (Patience Posile)


Research and photographs by Loyiso Ntsalaze; compiled by Sabine Marschall April 2014.

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December 7, 2012

Dancing (ukusina) at Sizimisele Development Trust

Children in the creche at Sizimisele Development Trust are practicing dancing for Heritage Day (2012)

For more information on the NGO click here: Sizimisile Development Trust – Official Website

December 3, 2012

A tour of Sizimisele Development Trust with Maggie Dhladhla

Maggie Dhladla gives a tour of Sizimisele Development Trust.

October 12, 2012

Sizimisele Development Trust

Sizimisele means ‘we are prepared to serve the community’. The trust was founded by Maggie Dhadhla in the 1980s and expanded over the years. Today, it is a crèche, health care support facility and a place where people gather to produce crafts, such as Zulu baskets, beadwork, crocheting and items made from recycled plastic.

Maggie Dhladhla talks about the foundation and work of the Sizimisele Development Trust

Or listen to the audio version:



For more information click here: Sizimisile Development Trust – Official Website