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January 22, 2013

Craft project at Sizimisele Trust

Craft project at Sizimisele Development Trust.

For more information on this NGO click here: Sizimisile Development Trust – Official Website

October 12, 2012

Sizimisele Development Trust

Sizimisele means ‘we are prepared to serve the community’. The trust was founded by Maggie Dhadhla in the 1980s and expanded over the years. Today, it is a crèche, health care support facility and a place where people gather to produce crafts, such as Zulu baskets, beadwork, crocheting and items made from recycled plastic.

Maggie Dhladhla talks about the foundation and work of the Sizimisele Development Trust

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For more information click here: Sizimisile Development Trust – Official Website

September 14, 2012

Culture & Heritage

eNanda is part of the eThekwini municipality and only 25km away from the bustling city centre of Durban, but due to its semi-rural character, much traditional Zulu culture is still practiced here. This section features indigenous knowledge, beliefs, rituals, and customs, many of which can be observed by interested visitors and tourists. However, this section is neither exclusively about traditional nor Zulu culture. eNanda has always been a place where different cultures co-exist and merge; the unique spirit of the place has evolved through cross-cultural fertilization. Today, eNanda’s culture and heritage consists of a rich diversity of cultural heritage practices that range from traditional Zulu rituals to contemporary South African township culture.

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