History & Memories of eNanda

This section records and weaves together the stories of eNanda, its core heritage sites and the leaders associated with them. It is not so much about historical facts, many of which are already known and published elsewhere. First and foremost, this site collects raw material, original voices, and memories of individuals from eNanda and elsewhere. Memories can be vague, fragmented or distorted, but all memories are worth sharing, because they are all valuable pieces of a puzzle and may prompt others to talk about and remember the past.

What you can contribute here: 

  • Do you have old pictures about eNanda or any of its attractions?
  • Do you know about a place in eNanda where something important happened in the past? Please tell us the story and send us a picture of the place!
  • Do you know an older person who has a lot of knowledge about the history of eNanda? Please help us record and share his/her story.

History & Memories of eNanda
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