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October 24, 2016

Query about Chief Goba

I am researching the history of the silent film in South Africa and am very keen to obtain information about an actor known only as Goba.  Between 1916 and 1917 he acted in four films for African Film Productions, but until recently nothing else was known about him.  However, one or two sources suggested that he came from a mission station in what was then Natal.

In recent weeks I have come across two more facts. Speaking to W.G. Faulkner of the London Evening News in May 1919, American actress Edna Flugrath, who had acted with him in De Voortrekkers, told Faulkner that Goba had died (in other words, since the films were released).  Also, when interviewed in The Sun of New York, American director Lorimer Johnston, who gave Goba his first role in A Zulu’s Devotion, tells the reporter that he had met a Chief Goba, who he said was an uncle of the young King Solomon.  Lorimer said that he had a letter from him in which Goba thanked him for the fame he had given him outside Zululand by showing his likeness in all parts of the world.  Johnston also said that at the time Goba was so old that he can’t reckon it, though he was still vigorous.  That would fit the image we have of the actor in surviving stills.

I realise that the name Goba is not uncommon, but do you think that it is possible that the actor and Chief Goba are one and the same?  Another possibility is that Johnston named the actor in tribute to the chief.

It’s something of a long shot, but it has always frustrated me that we know so little about him.  I’m hoping that someone associated with your website can shed some light on this.  Just to have the dates of Chief Goba’s birth and death would help.

With many thanks

Freddy Ogterop

Editor, South African Film (ESAT)

January 20, 2015

KASI 2 KASI TOUR – Woza eNanda Heritage Route

Date: Sunday 1 February 2015

Times: 10hoo – 18h00

Departure point – GREEN HUB, Blue Lagoon, Durban

Tour description

Experience the Shisanyama barbecue brunch at Under the Moon Lounge. Discover the cultural soul of Inanda and feel this township dynamic atmosphere as you walk in the steps of some of the world’s great leaders. Get a chance to pay respects to Dr. John Dube at Ohlange High School where Nelson Mandela cast his vote in South Africa’s long-awaited first democratic elections.

Hear the story behind these great leaders and learn about the times when they walked the same footpaths and walkways that you will be stepping in. Cross into the rural Mzinyathi area and learn about the spiritual significance of the waterfall of the same name. Get a chance to enjoy mountain biking, watersports and or any available activity at Inanda Dam as you waiting to enjoy the tour-end braai with other traveler’s before heading back home.

Tour itinerary

11:h00 Departure from Green Hub to Under the Moon Lounge for a Shisa Nyama Experience +/- 30min drive
11:30 – 12:30 Shisa Nyama brunch at Under the Moon Lounge 1hr
12:30 Departure from Under the Moon Lounge to Gandhi Settlement – 15min drive
13:15 Departure from Gandhi Settlement to Shembe Settlement of Ekuphakameni -30min drive
14:h00 Departure from Shembe Settlement of Ekuphakameni to Ohlange Institute -10min drive
14:40 Departure from Ohlange Institute to Mzinyathi Falls -15min drive
15:30 Departure from Mzinyathi Water Fall to eNanda Adventures -30min drive
16:00 – 17:00 Tour end braai at INanda Dam 1hr
18:00 Departure from Inanda Adventures to Greenhub, Blue Lagoon +/- 45min drive
19:00 TOUR END

This fully guided tour includes transportation with a Luxury Bus, Shisa Nyama Experience (barbeque) and Tour end braai (2 Meals)

NB: Additional beverages at your own cost.

For more information, please contact Lwazi Nqetho on 083 553 7898 |

September 25, 2013

Lindelile Jojo – eNanda Online poster and flyer


Lindelile Jojo











Lindelile Jojo designed the poster and flyer for eNanda Online.

Here is what he says about himself:

My name is Lindile Jojo. I come from the eastern Cape Province, a small town called Mount Frere. I did all my junior and high school years there. When I finished my metric I thought I was going to be an engineer but at heart I was always the creative one at home even back at my school years. That is when one of my high school teachers told me about fine arts and every thing that involved design hence she had seen the drawings I had done for her.  


September 16, 2013

Joel E. Tishken – Isaiah Shembe’s Prophetic Uhlanga

shembeJoel E. Tishken has recently written a book about the Prophet Isaiah Shembe. This is what Joel had to say about the book:

The Worldview of the Nazareth Baptist Church in Colonial South Africa. My book’s central contribution to knowledge concerns a rethinking of how scholars view colonized communities. I challenge nationalist and postcolonialist discourses about colonized populations that have viewed empire and its consequences as the prime determinants of colonized individuals’ lives. Instead I argue that the worldview embraced by Shembe and his congregants was prophetically defined and reified. At the heart of the narrative Shembe and church members told of themselves was a sincere and faithful conviction that Shembe was God’s anointed prophet and his followers God’s new chosen people. Therefore, within their understanding of colonial South Africa, British imperialism and white supremacy were part of God’s cosmic vision to provide atonement and salvation for Africans – plans they believed God was prophetically communicating to Shembe. The historical narrative, theology, and identity of Shembe and his parishioners revolved around this prophetically prescribed explanation for the conditions of colonial Africa.

Full bibliographic information may be found at:

July 4, 2013

eNanda Online logo design – Lisa Meintjies

eNanda Online Logo SmalleNanda Online’s logo was designed by Lisa Meintjies, a 3rd year Graphic Design student at the Durban University of Technology (DUT), who emerged as the winner of a design competition held among 20 students in her class. While many participants had put a lot of thought and effort into their designs, Lisa’s immediately struck a chord with me, because it is simple, yet full of relevant references. For example, the www clearly refers to the internet, but is also reminiscent of the chevron pattern that is so often found in traditional African craft designs and extensively utilized in the tourism context. Together with the dots, these patterns could even be read as a very abstracted suggestion of people, the essence of community. We adapted the colour scheme of her original design a bit to mimic the one in the University of KwaZulu-Natal logo. This illustrates that eNanda Online is part of UKZN’s commitment to community outreach and community engaged scholarship.

Sabine Marschall, June 2013


This is what Lisa writes about herself:

I was born and raised in Durban. My interest in graphic design started in high school when I wanted to do web design, a friend told me about DUT’s Graphic Design Course and said that, that’s the best thing to study if you want to go into web design. Along the way I slowly discovered what you could potentially do through studying Graphic design.  My usual style is cute, usually something inspired by Japanese pop culture, so by doing a project like this I had to break away from what I’m used to. What I see myself doing in the future is hopefully children’s book illustration but for now I guess I’ll see where life takes me. Here’s a link, to my behance account:

Lisa Meintjies, August 2013

Lisa Meintjies

Lisa Meintjies

June 13, 2013

Inanda Seminary – Ayanda Ngcobo on Inanda FM

Ayanda Ngcobo talks about eNanda Online and Inanda Seminary on Inanda FM.

Click here to listen:Inanda Seminary – Ayanda Ngcobo on Inanda FM

13 June 2013

June 7, 2013

Profile your business on eNanda Online!

“If you’re not on the internet, you don’t exist!”

Many small businesses and community organizations in Inanda do not have a presence on the internet, either because they can’t afford to have their own website, or they don’t have the necessary knowledge and skills, or lack access to technology infrastructure, or they simply don’t realize how the internet could benefit their business.

eNanda Online offers an opportunity for any organization or business in Inanda, especially those of potential importance for tourism, to profile and advertise their operations free of charge. Send us a description of your organization/business, contact details, directions, photos and anything else you want to share. Or contact us and we can come and help you get started. Email: or fax us at 086 664 8458.

Of course, eNanda Online will not be held responsible for the quality of service or integrity of the business featured on this site!