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Thandazile Mkhize – memories of Inanda

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thandazile Mkhize English summary of an Interview with Thandazile Mkhize by Noluthando Ndwandwa at eNanda Newtown B on 2 October 2014.

Thandazile Mkhize is an elderly hard working woman whom I, Noluthando Ndwandwa, interviewed on the 2nd Of October 2014 this woman who was born and bred in Inanda and shares with us her most vivid memories of her childhood upbringing and that she was raised by a single parent, her mother being the bread winner in the home. Thandazile Mkhize, a 2nd born in 4 daughters tells us how Inanda was before and the changes it has gone through. She spent all her formative years in Ohlange and later moved to Newtown B section with her immediate family. She now stays with her son and grandchildren.

Before Inanda was in a rural setting and people planted fresh produce; they had cattle which would freely graze the lands (I managed to get an old photo showing how Inanda the Ohlange Area was before and after). People back then didn’t have many forms of entertainment; at the most they would visit relatives and go to church. She says that kind of setting really helped because it built their morals as children and they weren’t exposed to alcohol also she never had the urge to indulge in bad activities. Besides that she was afraid and she respected the elders. Regarding transport, she says they used Indian buses; there were no taxis and if the family was wealthy, they used the old model cars. But very few homes had cars, mostly they used buses; to go town it was R1.50 bus fare. Thandazile Mkhize sent a heartfelt message that she would like the youth to be more focused on school and empowering themselves and she pleads that government opens up job opportunities because it is saddening when graduates sit at home and they all have to live on a small government pension.Thandazile Mkhize is on the other hand very grateful for the new developments within the area like the Dube Mall and the New RDP houses they are about to receive.

Thandazile Mkhize speaks fondly of her mother and the Langa family, how they assisted in her upbringing especially since her mother was their domestic worker. The few cents she got would bring food and bread to the table and also the huge role that J.L DUBE played by bringing schools closer and western amenities like the library. With the skills offered in the school she is very grateful to Mafukuzela who was not selfish but threw the breads in the waters.

Summary by Nolunthando Ndwandwa


the old house Thandazile mkhize was Staying at in NewTown B the new RDP house

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