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Small enterprises along the Woza eNanda Walking Trail

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The Woza eNanda Walking Trail is an initiative by Durban Green Corridor and partners. It aims to bring visitors and tourists to Inanda and create opportunities for them to meet local people. There are many small shops, taverns and other types of enterprises and service providers along the Woza eNanda Walking Trail.  All of them were approached by our project team, but some did not want to be featured on this website for various reasons, e.g. because they cannot accommodate visitors. The enterprises below all welcome visitors, but prior arrangements should be made in some cases.


Pepe's Tuck shop

Pepe’s Tuck shop

Pepe’s Tuck shop

Street address: 603 Bhambayi, Inanda 4309

Name of contact person: Mandla Hamilton Ntshingila

Contact number: 0839997856

“I used to sell sweets and chips, the community asked me to expand and sell more of things; then I decided to open up a tuck shop in 2012. Visitors are welcome; prior bookings can be made for up to 15 people if they are going to stay, rather than take-away. We open at 06:00 and close 21:00. 7 days a week.“ Mandla Ntshingila



Ohlange Rocks Junction – Njomanes tavern

Street address: E2068 John Langalibalele Road, Ohlange Inanda, 4310

Contact person: Bheki Mhlongo

Contact number: Tel: 031 5191014, Cell: 083 5228531

“Ohlange Rocks Junction is a Restaurant where you can purchase drinks; we also have a butchery (shisa nyama). The place is 3 story which includes a tavern, bar and a V.I.P lounge. If you are at the top one can have an excellent view of the surrounding areas which include Phoenix, Inanda and Durban surrounding places. The place is secured with cameras and fully protected. The business has developed and grown from a Tavern to a shisa nyama and a V.I.P Lounge. The business was started by my grandmother, until I took over in 1999. Getting support from local and national people and also from the municipality was one of the achievements and now companies are willing to support us. We are also in the municipality brochure. We have never had bad challenges like crime of theft in the place. One of our problems is water shortage at some point of the week.” Bheki Mhlongo

Visitors are welcome, but not more than 100 people. Prior bookings can be made. Dress code is not important – one can wear anything. Visitors can come from 12:00 till late.  


IMG-20140417-00122Muziwokuthula – Traditional healer

Contact person: Muziwokuthula Thusi

Street address: 624 Dube Village, Inanda 4309

Contact number: Cell: 073 7517515

“I am psychic, a traditional healer (umhloli). I started in 2002 to be a healer from the power of ancestors, most of the people always survive when they are healed by me, I have also learnt to put different muthi together and help people who are seeking help. The challenges that I come across are that people need help even though it doesn’t relate to his/her sickness, e.g. an H.I.V. person will expect me to heal him knowing there’s is no cure for the infection. The problems I come across is that some people don’t believe in me. I would like the municipality to help me with electricity in my house; I do not have power.

Visitors are welcome. Bookings can be made so I can arrange time for them. Not more than 15 guests. They can wear anything comfortable; opening times are from 09:00-18:00. Monday to Saturdays. Visitors can see how I mix herbs to make healing portions; they also can also see how I communicate with ancestors ”  Muziwokuthula Thusi


African Queen Salon

African Queen Salon

African Queen Hair & Nail, Eyelash

Street address: 490 Juba Blose Street, Bhambayi Inanda, 4310

Name of contact person: Cecilia Londiwe Mbuyisa

Contact number: Cell: 082 7181077; Tell: 031 5190857

“I started the business in 2007. I had the love of being a hair stylist so that is why I decided to start the business. I used to do school children hairstyles which was called (Snoopy). More people were coming in so I decided to start the salon. My clients are always happy, I don’t get any complaints and they come back which is a repeat business. The major problems are that some of the local people don’t want to pay since they know me, sometimes it gets so busy that I can’t accommodate every one. I would like to get help and get a much bigger place where I can do my business because I work at home an there is disturbance. Guests can make bookings before they come. I can only accommodate 5 people and less depending on their hairstyles. I open at 10:00-21:00. Monday to Saturday. Visitors can experience the great service that I offer and sure their needs are met.” Lonidwe Mbuyisa


Tete's Tuck shop

Tete’s Tuck shop

Tete’s Tuck shop

Contact person: Nonhlanhla Buthelezi

Street address: Lot 9520 42 Street, Dube Village 4309

Contact number: 073 0737829

“Tete Tuck shop sells cold drinks, Hot Chips, cakes, snacks, Hot Dogs. It was established in 2006 by my father; he was selling Zulu burger (amagwinya), it was very busy at that time. The challenges now there are many competitors around the area. Visitors are welcome.” Nonhlanhla Buthelezi



Thami’s Food Zone

Contact person: Thamsanqa Albert Mkhize

Street address: 267 Dube Village Inanda, 4310 (Opposite Orange Library)

Contact number: Tel: 031 518 0256; Cell: 083 7105582; Fax: 086 6605582

Email: ak.tradingcc@gmail.com

“Thami’s Food Zone is a fast food restaurant and take away (eatery). It was established in 2010 by Thamsanqa Mkhize. Since there was the soccer world cup I saw an opportunity to start my own restaurant and food zone to cater for visitors. The business looked potential until now it’s still running. We cater for: house parties, funerals, weddings, launches, social events, braais, spit braais, finger lunch.

Visitors/tourists are welcome. Opening times are from 09:00-16:00, Monday – Sundays.

Guests should wear anything that one feels comfortable to wear. Booking should be made via email or calling on any numbers shown above. Visitors can experience our delicious wide variety of food, good hospitality and service.” Thamsanqa Albert Mkhize



Kwamngoma Tuck shop

Kwamngoma Tuck shop

Kwamnngoma Tuck shop

Street address: 611 6 street 109398, Inanda 4309

Name of contact person: Nonhlanhla Mngoma

Contact number: Cell: 0795670760

“The tuck shop was established in 2009 by Sara Ntomile Mngoma. The store is always active, the community supports very well. The challenges I have come across  is theft and house breaking; it happened 3 times which brought my business down. The problem we currently facing is load shedding and water shortage. The municipality can assist fixing the port holes in our roads and by putting more drainage systems.” Nonhlanhla Mngoma

Any visitors are welcome and the owner is moreover offering to take them to join her for a church service.


Research and photographs by Loyiso Ntsalaze; compiled by Sabine Marschall April 2014.


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