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V.K. Govender – Inanda Tea Estate

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An interview with Mr V.K. Govender on his former farm in Inanda Tea Estate. Interviewed by Arisha Govender 13 June 2013.

Mr VK Govender was born in 1932 at Tea Estate Inanda. He thinks back and shares his memories of what Inanda used to be, while sitting on his family farm which he still owns today. This farm has been in his family for over 100 years. Moonsamy’s School (attended by him – Primary Schooling) which he calls the “Finest Country School” had bred excellently trained teachers with the capabilities to an entire school.  This is the career which he had pursued until 1992. In that year he had retired and wanted to returned to his family farm in Tea Estate Inanda. By then his farm had been taken over by squatters. A struggle which lasted about 10 years for him to successfully reclaim his family farm. He recalls his brothers managing and supervising the farm. All amenities were 8km away in Verulam. His farm was not directly affected by the Riots.  However people heard about what had happened in “Lower Inanda” which was 10-12km away and rumours of another riots instilled fear in the people of Tea Estate. They became so afraid that they moved away and the area soon became a ghost area. Mr VK Govender has spent his entire retirement at the farm and is trying to build what once was. He treasures the memories and stated that there was a “Good life in Inanda with good people”.

Arisha Govender

Arisha Govender

Interviewed by Arisha Govender 17 May 2013.



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