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S.’Bobby’ Kisten – Inanda Tea Estate

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Bobby Kisten

Bobby Kisten

An interview with Mr S. ‘Bobby’ Kisten on V.K. Govender’s farm, Inanda Tea Estate.

Mr Kisten revisits his past memories from when he was given the name “Bobby”. This was given to him by Olive Warner who was a London missionary who had established a school in Tea Estate Inanda. In 1940 Moonsamys’ Government aided school was built in Tea Estate by the Indians of the area. Bobby was one of the first pupils to attend the school. He furthered his education to become a teacher and thereafter a principle. Being very athletic, he became part of the sports council of the school. People were forthcoming and contributed to the erection and development of Moonsamys’ School. It was the first school to encourage concerts were pupils performed traditional songs and dances. They had a Tamil school which held religious functions whereby all partake and travel throughout Inanda. His family owned a farm in Inanda and he had to take care of the animals (cows, mules, donkeys etc). He feels that Tea Estate was the most beautiful area with simple, humble and very accommodating people.

Interviewed by Arisha Govender 13 June 2013.

Arisha Govender

Arisha Govender


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