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Inanda Child Welfare

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inanda child welfare


The Inanda Child Welfare South Africa is an Organisation working with children’s from still born up to nine years of age concerning their protection and family care and development. The organisation is situated at Inanda ohlange area. It was founded by the late Mrs J Madlala and has been operating since 2007.it is a non-profitable, non-governmental   organisation under Child Welfare South Africa subsidised by the Department of Social development and is working in line with its principles.


 The Inanda Child and Family Welfare Society is committed to provide services and resources for the protection of children and preservation of families through awareness creation: Empowerment and developmental programmes in the communities of Inanda.


Our objection is to protect the interest and promote well-being, safety and opt mental of children through holistic intersect oral developmental and comprehensive system of social services.


To secure environment that promote healthy and self-reliant family lifestyle within each child is nurtured to ensure maximum growth and developmental.


foster mothers

Foster mothers








Dube Village




Inanda Glebe





Newtown A,B & C




Stop 8


White City


In combating poverty some food parcels are given to the foster parents that are still waiting for their social grants to be processed. During the beginning of the year children from our case load are assisted with school uniforms and stationery. Blankets are distributed in winter season.


Groceries for 30 families, sponsored by Afrosun









Mandela Day:

nelson mandela day

Blankets and groceries given away by Nedbank-Bridgecity stuff on Mandela Day

   During the 67 minutes for Mandela Day Nedbank Bridge City staff gave out 20 blankets, some goodies and lunch for the orphans,this function went very well and children were very excited and they also felt very special as they were given a special attention for the day. The children were targeted from the office caseload for the unrelated foster care placement and the blankets that were given to them were mini blankets. The children were very excited and happy when they received them.






Volunteers serving women on National Women’s Day

During the National Women’s day, this organisation celebrated with foster mothers from our case load. We invited different speakers from other NGO’S and the following topics; domestic violence, parenting ,gender issues and healthy living were addressed with them.






Child Protection:

In providing protection of children in crisis, risk and or vulnerable this office uses their trained volunteers to assist in identifying the children in need of care. 30 volunteers were deployed in our area of operational as the area is too vast therefore volunteers had to go in pairs in big areas and single in small areas that also assisted in reaching the majority of the children.

 Child Protection Week:

Schools of Inanda are being visited  6214 learners and educators were reached this was a one week process where awareness raising campaign in terms of child abuse, pornography, drugs and substance abuse and child trafficking were addressed.

16 days of activism:

This is done in conjunction with other stakeholders, INK areas with the high risk of domestic violence through the help of INK SAPS statistics. This is done through awareness talks, dialogues and cascading


This is another method applied when doing intervention to our clients. This society runs the supportive group with the foster parents in the related and the unrelated foster care placement. In this group clients are given the space to share their personal experiences in raising foster children and also being empowered with the parenting skills.

Life skills is done with the group of children during school holidays, with this program issues of teenage sexuality is being discussed, children`s rights and responsibilities and developmental stages, child trafficking and awareness in child abuse.

Volunteer programme:

  •  30 volunteers were trained and deployed during the current period; they assisted the social workers in identifying children in need of care and referred to the office.


  • Under staffed – Social workers are carrying high number of caseload and that affects the smooth running of the office and it also increases the level of burn out.
  • Sense of ownership – this office has suffered two burglaries with a period of a month,  that shows that the community doesn`t have the sense of ownership for the organisation as the alleged suspects are from the area.
  • Office space – the working environment is not conducive enough for doing programs and other activities run by the organisation.
  • Funding – insufficient funding is still experienced by this office for it`s sustainability.

Sponsors: Afrosun, Nedbank-Bridgecity, Edison Power

sponsor logologolottery



Lot 1 Phase 1

Ohlange Township

Inkululeko Yabantu Way




P.O.Box 43129



Tel: (031)519 1547

Fax:(031)519 0973

Email: cwsainanda@polka.co.za







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  1. From S'nqobile Msinga:

    im a university student at the university of kwazulu-natal howard college. im studying Social work and im in need to interview a social worker there at Inanda child welfare. So I want to ask if I can get a opportunity to interview a social worker there.

    yours faithfull
    Snqobile masinga

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    • From Ayanda Ngcobo:

      Hi S’nqobibile
      Their number is 031-519 1547

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  2. From Londiwe nokulunga mkhize:

    Im a university student at UNISA. Im studying Youth Development and Im in need to be a volunteer there at Inanda Child Welfare. So I want to ask if I can get an opportunity to be a volunteer there. Yours Faithfully Londiwe Mkhize IO 0735626155

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