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G.K.Moodley – Inanda Tea Estate

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Arisha Govender

Arisha Govender

Mr G.K. Moodley


An interview with Mr G.K. Moodley at V.K. Govender’s farm in Inanda Tea Estate.

Mr Moodley talks about his Primary education at Moonsamy’s School in Tea Estate, Inanda. He proceeded to Tongaat to continue his Secondary Education as there were no further schooling established in the area. The main mode of transport for the people were trains. He counted himself lucky as one of the teachers at the school should transport him to Tongaat. He then proceeded to teacher training at Springfield Park in Durban. He had to travel using the train as well as walking 2km per one way trip. His successful career in Education¬† took him to vast amounts of schools. Distinct thoughts were brought back while sharing his memories. He recalls meeting a teacher who had previously taught him as well as a petrol shortage. Mr Moodleys’ family owned and still owns two plots of land at Inanda for over 50 years. They farm vegetables, sugar cane and bananas. He has 10 brothers and 3 sisters which he shares a close relationship with. On rainy days all the children got involved in the farm and had to do planting. In the area all people where treated like family even if they were not related. He ends his interview acknowledging the parents who contributed to building their schools, as well as the other stakeholders who he believed had made them be who and were they are today.

Interviewer: Arisha Govender, 13 June 2013



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