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Wilfred Molefe about Sizanani

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Wilfred Molefe interviewed by Xolani Magwaza on 21 January 2013.

Wilfred Molefe was born at iSiphingo. He grew up at uMlazi. Around 1967 he was doing missionary work around a community deep in KwaZulu Natal known to as eMbo with a Dutch missionary by the name of Johannes. Their missionary work was done around the times/ leadership of chief Mhlabunzima and Mvana Mkhize whom Wilfred claims that they worked well together.

The missionary’s role was to apply for funding in Holland to build schools, churches and clinics around the eMbo area. But due to getting older and the difficult roads they travelled to, Wilfred had to quit the missionary work. He decided to leave uMlazi and relocate to iNanda around the late 1990’s. When Wilfred arrived at Inanda, he was inspired by the leadership of Rogers Ngcobo whom he regards as one of the finest leaders of iNanda. Wilfred explained that even after Rogers death his or the community spirit to work hard for each other and to bring about good change to the community was never seized.

Following on the footsteps of Rogers Ngcobo, Wilfred and his sister- in-law started a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) named Sizanani (help each other). However there was lack of patience amongst the members and false accusation by other members about leaders. Members did not really understand what an NGO is. They thought that an NGO is a money making company. Due to that they developed impression that the leaders were getting money while others were not getting a thing. Just because most of the members joined because they were desperate and they needed money, this resulted to them lacking patience with regards to the development of the organisation. These infightings and misunderstandings by members paralysed the organization that it had to be stopped for some time.

However Wilfred and his sister in-law never gave up. The company was resurrected. On top of that they have started another children’s branch called Hlanganani (come together/ unite). In Hlanganani programme, kids do things such as sports, music and indigenous games. HIV is a problem in the community, this has resulted in the organization working together with local clinics to get nurses who will go to schools or come to the organisation to do workshops about health related issues. Hlanganani programme is also working together with Love Life where they visit schools and teach learners about sex related issues and living a successful life. The school working together with Hlanganani as their case study at the moment is called Mvaba High School also within the boundaries of iNanda.

There are other programmes that Sizanani is working on. Women are trained to do bead work, art and  craft. These women are producing traditional products which are sold at Sizanani and for the community to help parents have an income. According to Mr. Molefe Sizanani had a dream of building a mortuary at iNanda. However due to the negative ideas of people when one has a mortuary in the heart of the community. People think that you want to kill people.

Mr Wilfred Molefe, his sister-in-law and partners have worked so hard to help change the lives of the elderly and the youth of iNanda to be active participants in their future. This year Sizanani is optimistic that they will be having their celebration of ten years in operation. Their aim was to have about 20 members but now they have above 40 of which is a success worth celebrating too.

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