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John Medley Wood and Inanda Valley

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John Medley Wood (1827-1918), the ‘father of botany’ in KwaZulu-Natal, founded the Natal Herbarium and was an early curator of the Botanic Gardens in Durban. Although he had no formal training in botany, he collected prolifically, discovering many new species of plants and and published a number of pioneering works on the local flora. Many of his plants were collected in the  Inanda Valley, where he had a farm and ran a trading store. Several plants are now named after Inanda, including Crassula inandensis, Gladiolus inandensis, Pavetta inandanensis and Tephrosia inandensis.

David Styles published Wood’s fascinating story in Plant Life:

John Medley Wood – The Father of KZN Botany

John Medley Wood’s Inanda

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