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Welder “Walida” Ndoda Goba

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Welder is in the third generation of the Qadi people who crossed uThukela running way from King Dingaan after the death of King Shaka.The Qadi tribe was closer to Shaka therefore it was not comfortable for Dingaan to stay with them as he killed their King. Welder is the son of Zonzo who is the son of Makhewa. Makhewe was a popular Qadi warrior who was at the forefront when the Qadi people went back to Zululand to rescue their late Chief, chief Mqhawe.

Welder was a friend and a neighbor of the famous Pixley Ka Seme a friend with Alan Marcord, and John Langalibalele Dube. He was “umabhalane” at the mine company at Johannesburg. He used to donate coffee at Ohlange Institute for school children. In 1946 Welder left his Job and came back to Natal (Inanda) where he started a shop to sell coffee and other items for the community of Inanda and the workers. This was due to the lack of shops around Inanda. The shop is still running today and it is owned by his grandson Alan Langalibalele Goba. At his shop he had a pet. This pet was a baboon. This was the English people influence in his life. However it was also risky amongst African people to own a baboon as it is strongly associated with witchcraft. The reason why he had such a pet was that he wanted to do away with the stereotype that people had about baboons. Welder also donated milk at Inanda Seminary. Every morning he will milk his cows and help the school.

Welder donated his land to build a primary school called Vusukukhanya which is situated at Inanda. This shows the love and support that he had about his community and education. According to Langalibalele Goba the grandson of Welder Goba at his home they lived with people they did not know but his grand father Welder told them that they are family and they should love each other. Welder also gave food parcels to the struggling families at Inanda.

Source: An interview by Xolani Magwaza with Mr Langalibalele Goba on14 January 2013

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