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Sbu Ngcobo (Madlala) about the Inanda Riots

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Interview by Thomas Mkhabela on 8 February 2013 with Sbu Ngcobo (Madlala) about his memories of the Inanda Riots.

Summary:  Sbusiso (Ngcobo) Madlala was born in 1971. He spent his childhood at the ACC (eMaChobeni) under the leadership of Pastor Shandu. He was not that much affected by apartheid since they were at the mission they followed the laws that were dictated by the mission. He moved to Newtown B in 1986 which was the time were eNanda was experiencing riots. He currently lives in Chesterville

Indians provided job opportunities for the blacks, so there was not much of an influx of people from eNanda to Durban to find jobs. The shacks that we know now are where the Indian farms used to be.

After the Indians moved to the Phoenix Settlement, none of the Indian owned shops were later opened by blacks after the riots have subsided, some of the walls of those shops are still standing.

The riots were caused by the blacks who claimed to be re-claiming their fore fathers land. But also politics did play a part in perpetuating the violence since there were ANC and InKatha (IFP) followers who also wanted to be the core group in eNanda. Police did not provide much of help then the SANDF (South African National Defence Force) were called in and they were staying at halls and passing out tents to the homeless.

Mr Madlala knows of other places in Durban that also experienced riots places like Cato Manor, it was an Indian and black community and they were living in harmony until the blacks started the violence and lots of Indians moved away.

Mr Madlala prefers the older eNanda than the present day one due to the higher rate of crime and other negative aspects of it, which were not there in the olden days. But this is not the reason why he moved to Chesterville.

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