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Moses Mcwango

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Moses Mcwanga lived at Inanda in a place known to as stop eight he was an owner and a coach of a local team at stop 8 known to as Eleven Experience.

The late Vusi “Mabhece” Mncwanga a former African Wanderers, Jomo Cosmos and Orlando Pirates player who was and still celebrated by soccer fans around South Africa for his mesmerising talent and passes is from Inanda and was a son of Moses Mcwango. He is a product of his father’s team Eleven Experience which had good intentions for the development of soccer at Inanda, helping the youth to find themselves in right places and making better choices in life as crime was high. Soccer was seen as a right tool to help the youth shine away from bad influence and negative things that could harm their lives.

When the team has won something Moses will make a feast for his players to celebrate. This was possible because the teams did not only play for money or soccer kits only but they also played for things such as goats or sheep. Moses wife used to was the team jerseys with no pay as she also supported what his husband was doing. Players used to come and camp at Moses house before their games. This helped teach the youth or soccer players about soccer skills, unity and manhood.

Moses left Inanda and relocated to Ntuzuma a place nearby Inanda.

Source: Interview with Mr Sam Mthembu by Xolani Magwaza on 15 January 2013

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