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Metty Zulu “MaGumede”

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Metty Zulu is the sister of the first doctor of Inanda, doctor Gumede. Metty was the first post master of Inanda. Her work was critical as at that time people use to post things like money and other valuable parcels and due to the fact that Inanda was big for one person to handle the post matters. However Metty never disappointed. There were no complains about her service as she loved people and respected her work. She is remembered by the words she used to say when answering the post office telephone. She use to say “Inanda Day”. However some people said they were confused and they used to laugh at it because they did not know whether she was saying Inanda Girl or Inanda daily”.

Source: Interview by Xolani Magwaza with Mrs Mthalane on 2 February 2013

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