Nov 30

Thami Mdlalose – Madlula Travel & Tours

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Thami Mdlalose from Madlula Travel & Tours explains how he became a tour operator

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Summary: Thami is from Inanda. He talks about background and the plight of unemployment in his community. This passion driven individual talks about how he developed himself and his tour operating company, Madludla Travel and Tours even with the economic and social challenges that he faced growing up. Local and National Tourism Agencies aided him and supported him through his journey to follow his passion. His deep knowledge of the history of Inanda and the prominent that lived there led him to start small and over time build a great network of local and international people. He strongly advises people to visit Inanda as he states that¬† this was the place that brought peace to South Africa, “Place of Peace”. He ends with his words of motivation and encouragement. (Summary by Arisha Govender)


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2 Responses to “Thami Mdlalose – Madlula Travel & Tours”

  1. From viwe mzekelo:

    Mr Mdlalose is one of our tourism role models who started their business from nothing and now are becoming something. they give us tourism students hope thst there is a future within the tourism industry its that a person they should not wait to be given ideas but they should wake up and think on their own and get help as there are people out there who can help. i just wish that most people could watch this video so that they can see that there are ordinary people just like Mr Mdlalose who can inspire them and also help and uplift them. all the best sir one day we will also get where you are. it is not about who you know but it is all about how one think on their toes and on their own to achieve something as he is internationally known now.

    Posted on March 12, 2013 at 8:18 pm #
  2. From Thami:

    Hi Viwe Mzekelo, Thank you so much for your comment, its means a lot and i wish all the best.

    Posted on March 15, 2013 at 9:33 am #

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