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Mandla Nxumalo – Ohlange Heritage site

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Mandla Nxumalo, site guide at Ohlange, talks about John Dube, Ohlange and the importance of visiting the heritage sites in Inanda.

Or listen to the audio clip:

Summary: This heartfelt intriguing video of Mandla talks about him being born and raised in Inanda. He passionately speaks about his current line of work at the John L Dube Memorial Site in Ohlange where he is involved with the training, development and mentorship of the community. He also talks about the museums in Inanda being “learning centers”, not just “museums” and emphasizes that Inanda has a rich source of history, culture and religion. The area has lot of opportunities available and Mandla encourages the local people to visit and educate themselves about the sites in Inanda. Mandla ends off with the philosophy of the late Rachel Dube which is “use your Head, Heart and Hand in whatever you do”. (Summary by Arisha Govender)

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One Response to “Mandla Nxumalo – Ohlange Heritage site”

  1. From sbusiso:


    As a young man growing up at ohlange just next to langalibalele primary school until at this age of 23 and a student at UKZN studying cultural and heritage tourism i would like to argue and disagree that thus far as i know about the heritage site of Dr JL Dube nothing has be done for the improvement of the school itself as as well as the communication of the public being involved in development or tourism to tourist participation what so ever.

    Mr Nxumalo as he says that he is involved in the mentoship,training and development of the community ok fine thats his line of duty but i personaly think that he may be doing a small portion of what he claims to be doing FOR THE COMMUNITY but i as a concern young man who grew up at Ohlange disagree to the fact that not many in the community know of such training and development being done. Yes we have to visit and educate ourselves but if members of Ohlange are not made aware of such training and development we would not attend

    There are many like me in that area who are studying and into cultural and heritage interest but we lack motivation from people who cliam to be training the community.
    As freedom of speech i have a lot to say in concern and a big heart of giving to the community in many strategies and ideas.


    Posted on August 28, 2016 at 12:19 pm #

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